System Enhancements

From the Roof to the Basement

Piedmont Metro can provide services and solutions that enhance the overall environment and efficiency of your home. Whether it is routine maintenance, structural improvements, or upgrades for improved air quality, many of these enhancements qualify for energy-efficient tax credits and help lower your operating costs and utility bills month after month.

  • Attic Fanelectrician
  • Attic Insulation
  • Lightening Surge Protectors
  • In-Line Float Switch to prevent drain pan overflows
  • Duct Work Zone Control Dampers
  • AC Watchdog – prevent exterior unit theft
  • Crawl Space Mold Treatment
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Sump Pump Installation

High-Tech Mold Resistant Duct Work

This duct is the newest, latest and greatest. Agion “Nature’s Antimicrobial”, is based on naturally occurring silver. The Agion silver-ion technology inhibits the growth of odor causing fungi, mold and mildew on the surface of the product and is non-toxic when used as directed.

Read more information about this revolutionary product by visiting their website at

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Keep the Mold from Coming Back

Tax Credits are Available!

taxOver 200 different systems on the market qualify for potential Tax Credits. Ask about the tax credits available for your home systems and appliances. The US Department of Energy – Energy Star website provides national information and the Database of State Incentives for Renewable & Efficiency provides information about North Carolina state, local, utility and federal incentives. Piedmont Metro service providers will be glad to make a free written estimate and discuss your options for tax credits and energy savings.