We’re Talking Power! Home generator systems are often overlooked and forgotten until the day they are needed. And then, it is TOO late.The fully automated, wired homes of today are dependent on clean, reliable energy sources. Home Generator Systems are prepared to “take charge” during power outages. Properly sized for your home and connected to a natural gas or propane fuel source, these systems automatically start and operate when power outages are detected. Advanced technology and design ensures that today’s generators operate with minimum noise and maximum dependability.

Don’t Ever Go Without Power Again!

Piedmont Metro’s licensed electricians can keep your home electricity running worry free – even in the worst weather conditions.

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Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS) We offer backup power solutions to fit your budget and requirements. Protect your valuable data and electronics! A Whole House Surge Protector is highly advisable in today’s world of electronics. Voltage spikes and lightening storms can damage electronic circuitry in appliances, computers and audio/visual equipment. In a matter of seconds, the plasma TV, surround sound, and DVD player can become expensive doorstops!